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Kimchi, nine days diet testimony miracle

With diet to lose weight, is difficult to adhere to, what to eat food and healthy weight can consideration, pickles, is to make you thin come down a good helper. Below, combining the expert recommended kimchi law reducing weight, for you make speed thin diet, as long as we persist in nine days, can witness let you thin come down the miracle.

The principle of reducing weight, kimchi

Once some people have been very much opposed to eat kimchi, think "eat kimchi easy to cause cancer. They think kimchi contain carcinogenic substance nitrite. Encyclopedia ChenYunBin tell us all said, in fact, this statement is not scientific and eat kimchi will not cause cancer, high quality of the human body is still very good, and the weight, kimchi or healthy choice food one.

In fact, the sour pickled cabbage because the sugars and lactobacillus decomposition produced lactic acid, lactic acid, but also the carcinogenicity not only promotes digestion functions. In addition, many of the making process of all kimchi use a large quantity of chili and garlic, it need salt is not much, so is a low cholesterol content is also low heat healthy food.

Second, the secret of making pickles

Make kimchi said there are two big secret: one is Xin fine dried shrimp sauce, one is the main ingredient of pickled vegetables, chili powder, this seemingly ordinary, but it is difficult to find alternative materials elsewhere. Such as South Korea's red chili is very special, it's not too hot, fragrance thick, even with a sweet, even chili, make the person with a spicy discipline12 also choked feeling.

Three, sauerkraut thin body secret

1, low in calories and efficient antibacterial action

Kimchi heat is very low, but again contains rich microbes and minerals. Kimchi because of lactic acid bacteria during fermentation the role of bad bacteria breed suppression, also can promote gastrointestinal protein decomposing enzyme meat - pepsin grain secretion and make intestinal microbes distribution normalization, help maintain intestinal health environment. Intestinal health, constipation cause obesity natural solved.

2, activate the body function

The main material of pickles can promote the secretion of gastric juice, chili, then to help intestines and stomach digestion; In addition the rich vitamin also has the acidification effect, and can help physiological metabolism, stomachic and promote blood circulation. The peppers, garlic and kimchi onion, ginger, etc can promote body metabolism, help the body sweating.

3, maintain healthy

As the main materials pickled cabbage quantity of heat is extremely low, garlic can burn the fat effect, moreover more large dietary fiber, can prevent constipation and enteritis, prevent adipose corner and effective combustion has been formed fat, let the body more lightsome.

4, best slimming timing and edible method

A spicy pickled on the market (Korean) and not hot (partial Japanese) two kinds. Want to lose weight, of course, to the hotter the more effective, but if you intestines and stomach bad, will not suggestion choice spicy pickles, though not hot thin body effect less skillful, but because the quantity of heat low, used instead of other foods are also good thin body choice.

Four, kimchi diet

The first day

Lunch: rice or pickled a disc of + face (half bowl)

Dinner: ginseng chicken soup (only eat chicken soup, need not eat too much glutinous rice)

The next day

Lunch: rice bags. Grain medal

Dinner: cooked beef + small cucumber pickles

On the third day

Lunch: cucumbers seafood pot

Dinner: cucumber pickles + rice or noodles (half bowl)

Remind: this recipe is 3 days a period of treatment, if can insist, plus right amount motion, nine days later at least can thin 5 jins. Breakfast may, according to their dietary habits to choose.

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