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How to lose weight?How does the health lose weight? has been the woman and the men most cares,The home station will introduce how to choose fast and effective weight loss programs。These plans lose weight the diet including the plan,reduces food the nutrition,used diet pills, weight loss surgery, laser weight loss, and to weight loss clinics, to medical weight loss,use this operations to make the best effective lose weight die programs, to fat loss,The hope can share these knowledge with the friends!


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Effective weight loss bean sprouts

        Bean sprouts is the people of a common dish on the table, not just because it is affordable, and nutritious. Both bean sprouts or mung bean sprouts have a high medicinal value. Especially the green beans after germination, the vitamin C content of up to seven times the original bean. The study also found that: bean sprouts contained protein, fat, carbohydrate and various vitamins, fiber, carotene and other minerals also has a variety of uses.

        Bean sprouts with a low calorie, and fiber and moisture content is very high, so eat bean sprouts can achieve weight loss goals. Fry bean sprouts and chives, but also prevention of constipation, due to the cold green bean sprouts, especially for summer consumption, coupled with a little ginger in cooking, or put a dried chili, and it can be in the cold. Many ways of cooking bean sprouts, if you want to lose weight, choose: fried bean sprouts mixed with kelp green bean sprouts mixed with three choke bean sprouts mixed mushroom salad wishful wire (that is, the bean sprouts, onion, red bell pepper, cooked white sesame seeds, sesame oil, vinegar, chili oil, garlic, soy sauce, sugar, mix well) and a lighter way of cooking, delicious and lose weight. Regular consumption of vitamin B2 deficiency can also reduce the tongue sores caused by inflammation and vitamin C causes disease.

        Tip: It is worth noting that currently available in the market rootless bean sprouts, many of which are precipitated by hormones and chemical fertilizers, non-root sprouts are also prohibited the State Food and health sector sales and consumption of vegetables; to buy bean sprouts should be chosen slightly yellow, not too thick, moderate water, no odor; about 5 to 6 cm long for the good.

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