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How to lose weight?How does the health lose weight? has been the woman and the men most cares,The home station will introduce how to choose fast and effective weight loss programs。These plans lose weight the diet including the plan,reduces food the nutrition,used diet pills, weight loss surgery, laser weight loss, and to weight loss clinics, to medical weight loss,use this operations to make the best effective lose weight die programs, to fat loss,The hope can share these knowledge with the friends!


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Eat carrots , potatoes, you can easily lose weight

Potatoes are a low-fat , low calorie food. According to the determination of carbohydrates per kilogram of potatoes 158 grams , equivalent to only rice and heat it for 1 / 5 , contained in the fat to flour is about 70%. The protein content of potatoes in the high-quality vegetables in Kansas for the title , as much as 2.3% , and other nutrients the body needs , such as carbohydrates, vitamins B, C and calcium, magnesium , potassium is also everything . Comprehensive results of the assessment of experts : 1 kg potatoes nutritional value equivalent to 3.5 Apple . Therefore, researchers assert that the U.S. Food : eat only whole milk and potatoes, even though each meal , but also satisfy all the nutrients needed by the body .

Radish weight loss or even better than the potatoes . From the nutritional point of view, radish rice for heat is only about 1 / 25 , fat content is almost zero, even take the crude fiber content than potatoes and sweet potatoes also more so after eating can easily lead to satiety . Carrot is also rich in calcium and phosphorus iron and other minerals needed by the body and rich in vitamins, will not eat carrots and eat other foods cause nutritional deficiencies . Radish (mainly white radish ) can also contain a fat metabolic enzymes to promote physical , it can effectively reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat . So radish is " no nutritional imbalance worries, but also a diet of natural foods . "

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