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Can help you lose weight eating mango

Went to the mango season fragrance , food and weight loss seems to be anathema , always can not have both . So eating mango on the weight loss benefit of it? Mango in the end is a weight gain or weight loss ?

The nutritional value of mango

Mango also known as " looking fruit , "that is intended to take " fruit of hope . " Fruit oval and smooth, peel and lemon yellow , taste glycol ; form, color glamorous , giving a warm and cordial feeling , full of poetic , the " king of tropical fruit , " the name.
High nutritional value of mango fruit , vitamin A content of up to 3.8% , 1 -more times than apricots . The content of vitamin C than oranges , strawberries . Mango contains sugar, protein and calcium , phosphorus, iron and other nutrients are necessary for the body . Mango producing areas in China , based on several main varieties of mango information summarized , mango 14% -24.8 % soluble solids , sugar content 11% -19 %, 0.65% -1.31 % of protein per 100 grams of pulp with carotene 2281 - 6304 mg, but no trace of human essential elements < selenium , calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other > content is also high.

Medicinal effects:

According to Chinese medicine diet of flavor analysis, the mango is of flat sweet, thirst-quenching fluid and spices.

(1 ) Mango with stomach, vomiting , only the halo effect , for vertigo , Meniere's syndrome , hypertension, dizziness, nausea and vomiting are effective . Jianshui eating mango pulp or nausea for pregnant women also have very good results.

(2 ) mango can lower cholesterol , eat it mango help prevent cardiovascular disease, useful vision can moisturize the skin, is the fruit of the ladies of beauty .

(3 ) Mango has cured the efficacy of cough illness , on cough, phlegm , asthma embolism with secondary therapeutic effect .

(4 ) mango juice can increase gastric motility , stool in the colon to stay shorter , and therefore very beneficial to prevention of colon cancer .

(5 ) contains carotene , can benefit eyes, moist skin

In addition, a small number of protein-rich mango fruit , eat more satiety .

      It should be noted that the nature of mango with Pathogenic Heat and Toxin , if their own suffering from skin diseases or cancer , should bear in mind to avoid eating . Also, allergic careful to eat mangoes,

Consumption of Taboo :

(1 ) fed can not eat mangoes after . Mango is not with the substance of garlic spicy food, can cause yellowing disease .

(2 ) The high sugar content of mango , so diabetics should not eat . Mango with Pathogenic Heat and Toxin , people with skin disease or cancer is to refrain from eating .

(3 ) eat mangoes can cause allergies, severe kidney damage may be . Mango leaves and mango juice can cause dermatitis and allergic people , so allergies should pay attention . Promptly washed after eating left in the skin around the lips of the mango flesh in order to avoid allergic reactions .
In the end is a weight gain or weight loss :

In the medical certificate , mangoes can be phlegm , spleen and stomach , benefit the fairway, and Chinese medicine theory , the cause of obesity is a "wet "," sputum "," Water Retention " result , it is to lose weight light-weight of mango fruit .

Here are two kinds of mango to swallow :

(1 ) mango drink

Ingredients: Mango 50 grams , 20 grams of crystal sugar .

Method: take fresh mango slashing the stem end , with Peel and slice , add rock sugar to boiling water for 20 minutes , filtered juice on behalf of the tea .

(2 ) mango juice

Ingredients: 500 grams of mango , honey appropriate .

Method: Wash mangoes to take meat . Stir into the mix juice machine juice , poured into a bottle , add honey or sugar , boiled brewed into tea .

Xiao Bian Tip:

1 mango though a lot of advantages but , after all, sugar content , will eat more harm than good , too far . Therefore, consumption not more than two a day .

2, plums, watermelon , melon , orange, lemon , grapes hectogram 10 grams of sugar in the following , are low-sugar type of fruit . Bananas , pomegranates, grapefruit , orange , apple , pear , litchi , mango sugar 11 grams -20 grams in a medium sugar content of fruit ; jujube , red fruit , especially dried dates , dates, dried persimmons, raisins , dried apricots , longan and other fruits more than 20 grams sugar , diabetes or weight loss should be carefully selected mm .

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