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How to lose weight?How does the health lose weight? has been the woman and the men most cares,The home station will introduce how to choose fast and effective weight loss programs。These plans lose weight the diet including the plan,reduces food the nutrition,used diet pills, weight loss surgery, laser weight loss, and to weight loss clinics, to medical weight loss,use this operations to make the best effective lose weight die programs, to fat loss,The hope can share these knowledge with the friends!


« Drinking milk after exercise body sculptingThe food is not easy to get fat »

Eating sweet potatoes can lose weight?

Sweet potato is the recommended weight-loss food experts . Ancient literature, sweet potatoes can be lack tonic , Qi force, spleen and stomach , strong yin , people live longer less disease . But also , and blood, warm stomach , fill in the five internal organs such as fertilizer .

Sweet potatoes can effectively prevent the sugar into fat and help weight control . Sweet potato rice heat only weighs 1 / 3, almost free of fat and cholesterol ; , sweet potato contains large amounts of dietary fiber, can effectively stimulate intestinal motility and secretion of digestive juice and reduce the incidence of intestinal diseases , a small weight loss Oh, from the knowledge of life skills .

Lose weight you eat sweet potato , sweet potato, rice color, flavor and taste , because the sweet potato is not particularly absorbent , so you do not add too much water . The amount of sweet potato can be decided based on personal preferences .

Sweet potato weight loss practices : Wash the sweet potatoes , remove skin , then cut into small pieces . Wash rice well , add rice cooker in the same time, pumpkin and sweet potato into the proper amount of water . Rice should be cooked and then simmered for a while after the re- opening the lid , smell the incense . Materials: sweet potato , rice, pumpkin .

Lose weight you eat sweet potato , sweet potato dumplings taste sweet , sweet potato dumplings with a sweet taste, texture is relatively fresh .

Sweet potato weight loss practices : Wash and peel the sweet potato , steamed sliced into the cage . The steamed pressed into mashed sweet potatoes , add cheese powder rub evenly into groups . The fresh bamboo shoots cut into tablets , into the boiling water cook- reserve . Mince the pork chop , pan roast Zhi Sicheng be hot , the end of pork , ginger powder put down to speculation . Then add bamboo shoots and other sauces , stir flavorful when cooked pot . Toss the onions fried minced meat , etc. , made of meat . The sweet potato dough into a round dumpling skin, to go into the meat package made dumplings , add cooked Shanglong Zheng can . Materials : sweet potato 500 grams , 150 grams of cheese powder , pork 500 grams , 100 grams of fresh bamboo shoots , soy sauce , pepper , onion , sesame oil , salt, ginger .

These are two delicious sweet potato sweet potato diet practices , eating sweet potato diet , try Bianzhi !

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