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Bitter melon can lose weight?

Bitter melon can lose weight ! Lose weight eating bitter melon is very good, do not believe you try to know. If the results are really good , do not forget to tell your friend Oh, this !

Recommended hour before eating .

Seeded , but do not peel .

Dark green bitter gourd bitter gourd is not effective , and expensive, there is no need to buy , although it is not bitter . Yellowing of the bitter gourd will not eat .

Not less than 2 a day not more than four bitter melon bitter melon .

Do not add seasonings , sauces spicy oily substance inside to reduce the rate of weight loss .

Bitter must be eaten raw .

Can not be soaked , soaked in water will make the active ingredient in bitter loss .

Bitter melon can you lose weight , eat way to specify , how bitter to eat to lose weight ?

Method 1 : Direct food

If you do not juice conditions , can eat the bitter gourd is cut in half after seeded , cut into small pieces 1.5 cm wide , and then continuously eat , eat , please chew carefully , until you feel bitter after chewed Swallow , like eating a cucumber in his hand as breath after eating , you eat only about one-third of the bitter melon, natural, weight loss good stuff , you can only absorb one-third or less.

3 hours before bed you will be bitter in the finish , consumption is large as are also concentrated in three meals a day ago .

Method Two : Juice

Bitter gourd juice, bitter , if you have the courage , to a finish , if it can not stand , it be to add a kiwi or tomato juice . Do not forget , remember , do not add the sweet nature of fruit, sugar and bitter gourd in the diet will affect the stability factor . Remaining after the juice and pomace must eat bitter melon .

Sub- soluble and insoluble fiber , the fiber in the most bitter residue that is insoluble fiber , and fiber to promote gastrointestinal motility and intestinal fat decomposition magic Oh . If you have a bad stomach , I suggest you eat two a day, at lunch and before dinner , drinking a bitter gourd juice . If you have a good stomach , nor more than four , more will Shang Wei 's .

Day 4 , then , of course, early in the one before dinner , to be followed in 3 hours before bedtime drink the last cup , do not wait before going to bed drinking . After being absorbed because of bitter melon has a more obvious response is thirsty , you do not want to drink the night together , and then the toilet , right? In addition, the middle of the night to drink water will cause swelling of the body .

You can lose weight bitter melon , bitter gourd Some weight loss methods to show

Rate of weight loss will not be bitter block , because the reduced consumption of bitter melon intake of three meals a day , plus weight loss effects of bitter gourd itself is the real reason to speed up weight loss pace . However, not to bitter as psychological comfort that eating bitter melon, how much to eat are all right, then you will be more and more fat . Although bitter to eat without dieting , but at least you should reduce the intake of spicy and greasy food .

Bowel movement will become more comfortable , if severe diarrhea , state your stomach can not stand up, please reduce the consumption or stop eating bitter period of time .

Thirsty after eating bitter gourd is normal , a lot of people wonder why eating cooked bitter gourd can Shengjinzhike, but they eat more bitter to eat raw it thirsty ?

Apart from health Bitter Smooth MSG in trouble , the believe that every crush all know that a reason to lose weight , water is an important carrier of fat decomposition . So when you feel thirsty it is time that your body is telling you that you need water to break down fat . Say this is not the thirst are excited out?

Under normal circumstances , bitter gourd and other weight loss natural food product , the first is to exclude edema , Quchu intestinal Nei 's fat , though these things are going in addition to , not a lot of Ren Kan surface of效果moment , do not give up , persist for some time to Subcutaneous fat was your turn .

Bitter cold is the nature of things , do not eat , also eat during the bitter , do not drink tea , what tea black tea green tea weight loss to stop them altogether , to drink clean water . Although tea is a good thing , but it will hurt you originally theophylline because of eating bitter and tired of the stomach .

Finally, of course, insist on it!

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