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How to lose weight?How does the health lose weight? has been the woman and the men most cares,The home station will introduce how to choose fast and effective weight loss programs。These plans lose weight the diet including the plan,reduces food the nutrition,used diet pills, weight loss surgery, laser weight loss, and to weight loss clinics, to medical weight loss,use this operations to make the best effective lose weight die programs, to fat loss,The hope can share these knowledge with the friends!


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Bean sprout diet should be recommended

Many people often eat green bean sprouts , because it is affordable . But few people know that green bean also has a high medicinal value, used properly , healthy weight loss , Take a look at the following description of the bean sprout diet bar .

Bean sprouts contain protein breaks down into easily absorbed amino acids , and more phosphorus , zinc and other minerals , vitamin B2, carotene . The study found : bean sprouts contain protein, fat, carbohydrate , vitamins , fiber, carotene , niacin and phosphorus , zinc and other minerals , has many uses .

Bean diet as containing cellulose, mung bean sprouts and leeks fry , elderly and child care can be used for prevention and treatment of constipation , safe weight loss , mung bean sprouts vitamins , regular consumption of the vitamin B2 sore tongue caused by the lack of inflammation , a lack of vitamin C Diseases are caused by the role of adjuvant therapy . Americans are respected mung bean sprouts , that it is the most suitable one obese people to eat vegetables .

Take 100 grams of green bean sprouts , a little salt , dried tangerine peel 20 grams , add water Dunshu , Decoction and , detoxification diuretic .

The green bean mash Jiaozhi , honey appropriate , on behalf tea service , fresh and cool projects .

Take the green bean sprouts 100 grams , 100 grams of dandelion , plus boiled thoroughly cooked, mung bean sprouts , Decoction and , scraping the oil to lose weight .

Scalded with boiling water over the green bean sprouts , add soy sauce , vinegar, salad and fresh , you can Cellulite diet .

Will the fish stew served with green bean sprouts , white skin to cosmetic .

Check amount of mung bean sprouts and winter melon peel, vinegar soup to drink , weight loss good .

Bean sprout diet of raw materials : foam hair sting skin 250 grams , 500 grams of green bean sprouts , carrots 200 grams , 200 grams of coriander , salt, cooking wine , peanut oil , chopped green onion amount .

Bean diet produced : the bubble of clean cut filament skin sting , remove and reserve , mung bean sprouts to the head and tail wash stand . Heat pan oiling , explosion under the scallions into the pan, add green bean sprouts , carrots, jellyfish silk , parsley stir paragraph , to the green bean sprouts , carrots, soft , salt , MSG , cooking wine , you can turn leaves the pot evenly .

Bean sprout diet features: tasty crisp , delicious Cellulite , eat lunch and dinner every day this can be reduced about eight pounds .

Bean sprouts Diet Tips: use of fertilizer made of mung bean sprouts should not eat . Because nitrogen -containing fertilizers compounds, in the role of bacteria , it can be transformed into nitrosamines present in mung bean sprouts in . Nitrosamines can people suffering from stomach cancer , esophagus cancer , liver cancer . On the other hand , mung bean sprouts are cold and cool food, eat more easily damage stomach qi , and with crude fiber , easy to speed up the bowel and cause diarrhea . Therefore, chronic enteritis , chronic gastritis , and dyspepsia patients can not eat .

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