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What to eat to lose weight before going to bed ?

Eating before bed is considered very unhealthy , but there are some food to eat before going to bed not only do no harm , they can lose weight while aiding sleep too! Which up to see what to eat to lose weight and aiding sleep before going to bed now!

What to eat to lose weight before going to bed ? Xiao Bian concluded the following 10 kinds of food , very suitable to eat before going to bed , not only does not gain weight , you can also make you sleep better .


Almonds also contain tryptophan and muscle relaxation medicine - Magnesium . So eat a small amount of heart-healthy nuts is another coup Oh hypnosis .


Eating potatoes can lose weight? We all know that potatoes can lose weight the recipe , but you know what? It can also help you sleep Oh .

It can be removed on the tryptophan induced sleep interference from the acid . To achieve this effect , you only after the baked potato mash can be mixed with warm milk consumption .

A small baked potato will not destroy your gastrointestinal tract , on the contrary it can eliminate those that stand to play a hypnotic effects of tryptophan in the acid compounds . If the warm milk mixture made of mashed potatoes , the result will be more of the stick Oh


Oats are valuable bedtime to share and with plenty of N- acetyl -5 - methoxy amine color . Cook in a small bowl of cereals, add a little honey mixed in which is very appropriate. Try chewing , breathing in hard , enough to fill the hole of your teeth . Anti-obesity

Oatmeal can also induce production of melatonin , a small bowl can serve to promote sleep better , oatmeal , if a large number of chewing would be more effective .


As long as you drink before bedtime in the cast into the oatmeal 2 tablespoons of linseed can such a wholesome play expected in the results. They are rich in omega -3 fatty acids .

Whole wheat bread

In the time before going to bed feeling hungry , if the above can not let you meet , you can choose whole wheat bread , plus a piece of toast , with tea and honey , can help the body release an insulin that insulin can make tryptophan To the human brain and that turned into serotonin .


Bananas would be to lose weight? Weight loss is actually wrapped in banana peel of " sleeping pills " , in addition to a smooth serotonin and melatonin , it also contains may have to muscle relaxation effect of magnesium . In addition, eating bananas before bed does not cause weight gain , as it calories low , and rich in dietary fiber content , can promote bowel movement .


Every Thanksgiving , people can be marked with the smell of nap children , which are attributed to turkey , it is considered the best source of tryptophan . But it also is just the modern folklore . When your stomach is basically in fasting state and not full belly , a very large number of carbohydrates rather than protein , the tryptophan will start to work. Late at night in some whole-wheat bread put 12 thin slices of turkey , maybe you will start in the kitchen of your sleep journey.

Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum tea, tea drinks have become the preferred preparation before going to bed , mainly because of its role in soft comfortable sleep is the best natural gas and concentrated static prescription .

Warm milk

A cup of warm milk before bedtime helps sleep already well known to say , because the milk contains a tryptophan amino acid as it can play as a sedative effect .


Honey to lose weight please? To your warm milk or herbal tea into a small amount of honey , some glucose can encourage your brain to stop eating hormone production , consumption factor is a recently discovered and remain sober -related neurotransmitters .

The excitatory role of a large number of sugar , but a small amount of glucose in the brain secrete a timely manner suggests orexin ( phenyl -dihydro- quinazoline ) , a newly discovered reaction and thinking related to neurotransmitters . So, a few drops of honey to warm milk or herbal tea before bed also helps to relax .

Many women will want to eat before bedtime or drink , but eating before bed will be fat and that they most fear , what to eat to lose weight before going to bed ? Top 10 things that you can eat before going to bed Oh !

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