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Papaya can lose weight?

The thing is your diet , you should choose to eat on the food for weight loss . Papaya can lose weight? Papaya is a good choice Oh !

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You can lose weight papaya , papaya have the effect of decomposition of fat , because papaya contains a papaya enzyme , papaya enzyme is not only biodegradable these proteins, carbohydrates , fat and more biodegradable , it can be said that most of the characteristics of papaya , can go through the decomposition of fat In addition to fat, reduce the mast cell , into promoting metabolism and excess fat removed from the body , so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss ! Can stabilize the digestive system for digestion , to treat gastroenteritis, dyspepsia, the role of prevention of digestive system cancer .

After dinner we can eat papaya to help digestion and promote the decomposition into the fat can also be used to buy green papaya soup products, simmered dishes , but also makes meat more tender , we often hear " Loose meat meal "or free weight loss methods "delicate fine , " the role of fine tender meat of the connective tissue can be decomposed , up to the meat more tender , but added a delicious papaya natural effect is the same as papaya enzyme can Decomposition of protein , fat, it also has soft fine effect.

Many people will have the black seeds of papaya Each and creating a sense of fear , and that looks like a black version of the pomegranate seeds in particular the wooden pumpkin , taste no taste , in fact, of course, abandoned papaya seeds to eat meat , but also wood seeds Indeed has its magical effect .

If you cut papaya , while also preparing a big meal , you can bacon when the meat with a layer of wood in the seeds , then meat , sauce , wooden pumpkin with salt about 20 minutes, marinate Just gently pulled out after a good meat above the wooden pumpkin , do not wash with water , so the meat will be salted as in unique natural wood pumpkin papaya enzyme to soften the meat , the meat will absorb the wood pumpkin with the sweet Shaodai Fruit , it will make the meat tender and cooked , it also has rich aroma with a trace .

As the papaya slightly cold , cold stomach, people should not be eaten raw papaya , or easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort . Papaya is also divided male and female , generally elongated strip is male , while females are relatively short round for the customer will usually eat the papaya flavor more strong female preference for papaya .

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