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« Papaya can lose weight?Good way to lose weight diet »

What kind of juice you can drink to lose weight ?

We all know that eating fruits can not only beauty , but also can help. What kind of juice you can drink to lose weight ? Xiao Bian to introduce you to the following 7 juice diet recipes , so you can see a week of fat lose weight oh .

What kind of juice you can drink to lose weight , orange juice, yogurt ( Orange , honey , yogurt )

Ingredients: Orange one , honey , yogurt

Method: Peel the orange core, take the meat , whipped into a juice , and yogurt , honey, stir well Serve .

Efficacy: yogurt can improve digestive function , inhibition of harmful substances such as phenol and amine compounds indole production and accumulation in the intestine , which can prevent cell aging , and healthy skin and fair complexion .

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What can weight loss juice drink , orange Mugua Zhi ( orange , papaya , honey )

Ingredients: orange 300 grams , 100 grams of papaya , honey


1 , the orange peel , core and cut into small pieces , into the juice machine .

2, papaya skin and flesh , cut into inherit the throne , into the juice machine , along with orange juice , poured into the cup .

3 , the honey into the cup , evenly mix .

Characteristics : sweet and sour, refreshing .

Benefits: Vitamin C content of papaya is Apple's 48 times ! regular consumption can Pinggan and stomach , Los Shujin live , soften blood vessel , anti- beauty , and enhance the physical health benefits ; oranges in vitamin C, carotene rather High , very effective on dry skin , very suitable for dry autumn and winter food .

What kind of juice you can drink to lose weight , integrated hot fruit tea (hot tea, apple, kumquat , kiwi fruit , sugar )

Ingredients: 1 cup of hot tea , apple , kumquat , kiwi , lemon ( the amount ), a sugar cube .


1 , will be processed into a variety of fruit block .

2 , the various fruit pieces into the hot black tea soak the fruit flavor .

3 , before adding sugar drink mix evenly.

Effectiveness: high content of fiber , can help digestion , stimulate gastrointestinal motility . Kumquat , kiwi , lemon tablets contain large amounts of vitamin C help to kiwifruit and apples contained in the iron absorption, and thus effectively address the physical fatigue .

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What kind of juice you can drink to lose weight , tomato apple juice ( tomato, apple, lemon juice , lactic acid drinks)

Ingredients: Tomato 250 grams , 150 grams of apple , lemon juice , lactic acid drinks


1 peeled apple core pieces, tomato pieces, put together in one juice squeezed into juice , into the cup .

2 cup lemon juice , yogurt drinks, mix well and can be decorated .

Efficacy: the sweet apple fragrance , color and fresh , rich in carbohydrates . Rich in various vitamins and minerals Apple , for the beauty of skin luster, and maintain good physical health, functioning , there is a great help . Tomato is contained carotene ( including beta- carotene and lycopene Lycopene), also play fight cancer and maintain good health.

What can weight loss juice drink , mango juice ( mango , honey )

Ingredients: 2 to 3 mangoes , honey .


1 , the mango peel , dredged, nuclear , cut, put juice in the juice .

2 , the mango juice into the cup , adding honey and mix well .

Features : strong fruit juice , taste sweet .

Efficacy: Mango leaves are also very high vitamin C content , and has even heat processing , the content will not disappear features. Eat it can continue to add mango consumption of vitamin C , lower cholesterol , triglycerides, help prevent cardiovascular disease .

What kind of juice you can drink to lose weight , honey aloe juice ( Aloe vera , honey , lemon juice , water)

Ingredients: 250 grams of aloe , honey , lemon juice

Method: Wash the aloe peel , cut into paragraphs. Aloe vera juice into the machine, pressed into fresh juice , then add honey and lemon juice Mix well .

Effects: Aloe has a very high moisturizing effect, it 's super penetration of oxygen can help the skin to capture , lock moisture .

What kind of juice you can drink to lose weight , Apple Juice Lychee ( litchi, apple, honey )

Material : Litchi 100 grams , 250 grams of apple , honey .

Method: Wash apples , peel , core and cut . Lychee peeled , to check meat, lychee and apple together into the blender, and stir into the juices, then add honey, mix well you can .

Efficacy: Lychee can Bunao Fitness , appetizers spleen , have the effect of promoting appetite . Vitamin- rich lychee and apple , can promote blood circulation tiny blood vessels to prevent the occurrence of freckles , skin smoother .

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